An Overview of the Morris Company Who Produces Varivas Products

Established in 1980, the Morris Company in Japan quickly established itself as a source of premium fishing tackle products for the entire fishing spectrum. They have developed one of the world’s best mono-filament extrusion factories under the name of Varivas. They extrude all manor of materials including nylon, fluorocarbon and other exotic substrates. The tolerances they achieve are simply amazing. Imagine 2 tippet lines separated by only .0002 inch. That’s 2 ten-thousandths of an inch! Many tapered leaders, fly lines and tippet spools available in the USA under other brand names are made by Morris. The Varivas brand is the best fishing line in the world.

Later, the Morris company introduced a line of fly hooks also under the Varivas brand name. These super-premium Varivas fly hooks are made from high carbon steel, with incredibly sharp points and very unique shapes and profiles. After their appearance in the USA they quickly earned a rapid following. Angler Sport Group has taken over distribution of Varivas Fly Hooks in North America. Grab a pack today and see how a “super-premium” fly hook performs.

Varivas means “Very Good”! We know you will be impressed by their products if quality matters to you.

Varivas Hook Size Guide