Large Hi & Dri Box w/ Slit Foam

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Large Hi & Dri Box w/ Slit Foam



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HD Box, Large with Full-Length Continuous Slit Foam, Sand Colored

Box Size: 7 3?4″ x 4 1?2″ x 1 3?4″



Here are two well-engineered boxes with a substantial O-ring seal to keep the water off your favorite flies. At least until you select one for action?

Large size for greater capacity. And inside you?ll find our great EasyGrip foam which won?t rip or tear while holding your flies securely. The large version also comes with our super Full-Length Continuous Slit Foam which allows for infinite positioning of large flies.

Boxes are made from polypropylene plastic with a streamlined shape, stainless hinge, ribbed surface for strength, long latch with double anchor points ensuring full closure, air pressure relief feature, and two lanyard loops.

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