STEALTH SHOT – Single Shot Dispenser

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STEALTH SHOT – Single Shot Dispenser



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Angler Sport Group is your sole source for the full range of Dinsmores environmentally friendly tin
split shot. This award-winning product is the proven brand of choice for professional anglers.

Refill Packs

Grey Refill 01, Grey Refill 04, Grey Refill 06, Grey Refill AB, Grey Refill BB, Tan Refill 01, Tan Refill 04, Tan Refill 06, Tan Refill AB, Tan Refill BB, Green Refill AB, Green Refill BB, Green Refill 01, Green Refill 04, Green Refill 06, Brown Refill AB, Brown Refill BB, Brown Refill 01, Brown Refill 04, Brown Refill 06

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