What is “Dinsmores” anyway?

Dinsmores is one of the leading brands of coarse fishing tackle in the United Kingdom. They are a long established company who have developed a team of people dedicated to the design, development & manufacture of innovative products produced at their own plant in Aldridge England. They pride themselves in reacting to  customers requirements and offering a first class service.

Dinsmores and Fly Fishing:

“Split shot is split shot”… Right? Of course not. Nigel and Ian May (yes they are brothers), the two principles of Dinsmores, are both avid fly fishermen. They understand the distinct issues that a fly angler faces when pursuing his quarry. They have worked hard to design and produce perhaps the only shot in the world specifically made for fly fishing. They were among the first manufactures to “Go-Green” and move away from lead in favor of non-toxic tin, even before the lead bans had begun. Instead of round, they elongated the shot into an egg-shape to help it cast better and provide a larger gripping surface for the shot on a thin leader. They also modified the shot’s  backside so that it could be easily re-opened and re-used. They even colored the shot to help camouflage it from a wary fish. And recently they’ve added more colors with their new “Stealth” line-up to help you find the color that most matches the stream you are in. They are constantly working to improve and refine their product so that it works for all of us. There is more… but, you know it’s just split shot… right?