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  • Store Selection Promo Box

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    This is a perfect box to give customers when you fill a fly order. Inexpensive but good quality. Clear polypropylene plastic. Click-on attached lid. Imprint with your shop name.

    Size: Comes in 2 1?2 inch diameter round by 1 inch deep.


    Dealer cost, printing included.

    Minimum? ? ? Price (ea.)

    500? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? $ .60

    1000? ? ? ? ? ? ? $ .55

    3000? ? ? ? ? ? ?$ .50

  • The Offshore Series

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    Competitively Priced Saltwater Boxes

    Here are three new boxes to pack a boat load of your large (or small) flies? easy in, easy out. Boxes feature two surfaces of high-density slit foam with a memory, so flies stay put without wear and tear on the foam itself. Fashioned from lightweight polypropylene with a dual overlapping closure which forms a natural dust barrier and is resistant to moisture. Heavy-duty integrated handle. One-touch, sliding lockable latches for a quick yet secure access.

  • Two Sided Clear Boxes

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    Back-to-Back fly containment boxes are tops in efficiency. Clear ABS plastic lids each close to a rubber gasket embedded in the rim and are secured with a positive full-length catch. There will be no moisture getting inside with this system. Domed lids provide clearance for bushy flies. EasyGrip foam with 77 slits per side. Lanyard rings on each end. Gotta have one. Or several!